Sea Quest Series


Cephalox the Cyber Squid

Cephalox the Cyber Squid

Book 1

Deep in the water lurks a new breed of Beast.

Silda the Electric Eel

Silda the Electric Eel

Book 2

The Robobeasts threatens the planet Nemos! Max and his new companion, Lia, plunge deeper into the depths on their mission to save his dad.

Manak the Silent Predator

Manak the Silent Predator

Book 3

Manak the Silent Predator glides through the ocean with one thing on its mind - kill at all costs! But Max must survive, because if he fails, the planet Nemos is doomed to destruction...

Kraya the Blood Shark

Kraya the Blood Shark

Book 4

Max is about to face the most awesome Robobeast - Kraya the Blood Shark.

Shredder the Spider Droid

Book 5

When Max meets the mysterious Sea Ghosts, they ask for his help. An evil genius is threatening to wreck their city! Max ventures beneath the seabed, where he must battle Shredder the Spider Droid...

Stinger the Sea Phantom

Book 6

Spectron, the Sea Ghost City, is in danger! The wicked Professor has unleashed another of his menacing Robobeasts. Can Max and his friends defeat Stinger the Sea Phantom and protect the Sea Ghosts?

Crusher the Creeping Terror

Book 7

Far beneath the waves, Max's Quest grows ever more challenging as he encounters mythical sea creatures. Max must tackle Crusher the Creeping Terror, or the evil Professor and his Robobeast will ruin the precious Crystal Forest!

Mangler the Dark Menace

Book 8

Max and his friends have already fought off three terrible Robobeasts. Now they face the ultimate battle, as the evil Professor tries to use Mangler the Dark Menace to destroy the ocean worlds!

Tetrax the Swamp Crocodile

Book 9

A new terror has struck Planet Nemos - wicked pirate Cora Blackheart and her crew! Worse still, Cora is in league with the evil Professor and his terrifying Robobeasts... Max and Lia must stop the pirates getting the keys to a deadly weapon and seizing power!

Nephro the Ice Lobster

Book 10

Max and Lia travel to the frozen wastes of Arctiria, where they must tackle fiendish Nephro the Ice Lobster and stop Cora Blackheart's pirate crew taking control of the oceans. But could this treacherous landscape prove deadly for our brave heroes?

Finaria the Savage Sea Snake

Book 11

It will take all of Max and Lia's bravery and daring to tackle the latest terror of the oceans, as they struggle to foil the pirates' wicked plans. Will this Quest be a step too far?

Chakrol the Ocean Hammer

Book 12

The fight against pirate Cora Blackheart and her crew reaches its thrilling conclusion. As they face the deadly Ocean Hammer, can our heroes deliver justice and restore harmony to the seas?

Rekkar the Screeching Orca

Book 13

Danger strikes once again for Max and Lia when they become trapped in the infamous Lost Lagoon. Legend tells that there's no escape - but could tackling another of Cora Blackheart's Robobeasts hold the key?

Tragg the Ice Bear

Book 14

Max and Lia must build a compass to help them escape to safety from the Lost Lagoon. But in this enchanted place nothing is as they expect, and the Robobeasts are deadlier than ever!

Horvos the Horror Bird

Book 15

A new terror is in store for Max and Lia as they hunt for the third precious element that could save them. Horvos the Horror Bird is here, with flamethrowers on its wings!

Gubbix the Poison Fish

Book 16

Max and Lia are trying to escape the Lost Lagoon...but Cora Blackheart has saved the most terrifying Robobeast for last. How will they evade the poisoned spines of Gubbix the blowfish?

Hydror the Ocean Hunter

A terrifying new Robobeast is about to be unleashed!

Repta the Spiked Brute

Max and Lia travel to the Sumaran settlement of Astar, which is under attack from a movingcity of inhabitants from the Primeval Sea.

Jandor the Arctic Lizard

The wicked pirate Cora Blackheart is on the loose again, and this time she's stolen the precious Arms of Addulis from Sumara.

Octor Monster of the Deep

Danger strikes the Lost Lagoon again!


Stengor the Crab Monster


The first special bumper edition of Sea Quest


Skalda the Soul Stealer

Max and Lia have tackled many deadly enemies, but how can they hope to defeat a fiendish razor-toothed barracuda which can control minds? The friends will need a clever plan and plenty of courage to win this battle!



Drakkos the Ocean King

A new Sea Quest is in store for Max and his friend Lia in this double helping of undersea adventure!

Monoth the Spiked Destroyer

Book 20

Evil never sleeps, and Max and Lia know that their greatest battle is still to come.

Venor the Sea Scorpion

Book 19

Max and Lia's battle to defeat the wicked pirate, Red Eye, continues.

Brux the Tusked Terror

Book 18

Max and Lia are on the trail of a fiendish pirate, Red Eye, who plans to steal four ancient Merryn treasures, when they meet a monstrous walrus Robobeast.

Sythid the Spider Crab

Book 17

A precious Merryn treasure map has been stolen, and it becomes clear that the dreaded pirate Red Eye is involved. But who is Red Eye, and what will happen if he finds all four treasures? Max and Lia must stop him!

Gulak the Gulper Eel

Book 24

Max and Lia face a mighty combined enemy, as Siborg's latest Robobeast joins forces with his slave army!

Kull the Cave Crawler

Book 23

Deep below the seas of Planet Nemos, a monstrous creature has come back to life with terrifying new robotic additions.

Tengal the Savage Shark

Book 22

The wicked young inventor Siborg continues his battle for power over the oceans of Nemos.

Fliktor the Deadly Conqueror

Book 21

The city of Aquora has been infested with a plague of tiny robots that are controlling people's minds.

Blistra the Sea Dragon

Book 28

Max won't stop until the crazed computer is defeated, and he gets the final element to save Aquora.

Mirroc the Goblin Shark

Book 27

Max and Lia must find the third element to power Aquora

Glendor the Stealthy Shadow

Book 26

An evil holo-computer has released four Robobeasts to destroy life on Nemos!

Veloth the Vampire Squid

Book 25

Can Max and Lia defeat Veloth the Vampire Squid, and return the four elements that power Aquora before the whole city dies of thirst?

Loosejaw the Nightmare Fish

Book 32

Max and Lia's underwater adventures continue, as a terrifying new set of Robobeasts is unleashed in the oceans of Planet Nemos.

Shelka the Mighty Fortress

Book 31

Max and Lia's underwater adventures continue, as a terrifying new set of Robobeasts is unleashed in the oceans of Planet Nemos.

Fangor the Crunching Giant

Book 30

Max and Lia's underwater adventures continue, as a terrifying new set of Robobeasts is unleashed in the oceans of Planet Nemos.

Gort the Deadly Snatcher

Book 29

Max and Lia's underwater adventures continue, as a terrifying new set of Robobeasts is unleashed in the oceans of Planet Nemos.


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