Sea Quest Specials

Hydror the Ocean Hunter

A terrifying new Robobeast is about to be unleashed!

Repta the Spiked Brute

Max and Lia travel to the Sumaran settlement of Astar, which is under attack from a movingcity of inhabitants from the Primeval Sea.

Jandor the Arctic Lizard

The wicked pirate Cora Blackheart is on the loose again, and this time she's stolen the precious Arms of Addulis from Sumara.

Octor Monster of the Deep

Danger strikes the Lost Lagoon again!


Stengor the Crab Monster


The first special bumper edition of Sea Quest


Skalda the Soul Stealer

Max and Lia have tackled many deadly enemies, but how can they hope to defeat a fiendish razor-toothed barracuda which can control minds? The friends will need a clever plan and plenty of courage to win this battle!



Drakkos the Ocean King

A new Sea Quest is in store for Max and his friend Lia in this double helping of undersea adventure!


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