Early Readers

Vedra & Krimon (Early Readers)

ew Beasts have been created in Avantia - twin dragons Vedra and Krimon.

Mortaxe the Skeleton Warrior (Early Readers)

Mortaxe the Skeleton Warrior has risen from the grave!

Kragos & Kildor (Early Reader)

Avantia's precious Cup of Life has been stolen. Tom must get it back, or the kingdom will be destroyed - but he is in terrible danger from Kragos and Kildor's deadly secret power...

Creta the Winged Terror (Early Reader)

Emperor Jeng and the Evil Witch Kensa have gone in search of the Broken Star - four crystals that can control the weather!

Arax the Soul Stealer (Early Reader)

Arax the Soul Stealer has snatched away good Wizard Aduro's spirit, leaving the kingdom exposed to the evil of Wizard Malvel. To save Aduro, Tom tracks Arax to his cave - but the terrible Beast wants Tom's soul, too...


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