The Chaos Quadrant

Books 17 - 20

Monoth the Spiked Destroyer

Book 20

Evil never sleeps, and Max and Lia know that their greatest battle is still to come.

Venor the Sea Scorpion

Book 19

Max and Lia's battle to defeat the wicked pirate, Red Eye, continues.

Brux the Tusked Terror

Book 18

Max and Lia are on the trail of a fiendish pirate, Red Eye, who plans to steal four ancient Merryn treasures, when they meet a monstrous walrus Robobeast.

Sythid the Spider Crab

Book 17

A precious Merryn treasure map has been stolen, and it becomes clear that the dreaded pirate Red Eye is involved. But who is Red Eye, and what will happen if he finds all four treasures? Max and Lia must stop him!


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