The Isle of Ghosts

Books 107 - 110

Zulok the Winged Spirit


Book 107

When supernatural events start to occur in Avantia it can only mean one thing - something is afoot in the terrifying Isle of Ghosts...


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ISBN: 9781408343197

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Skalix the Snapping Horror



Book 108

Evil Wizard Berric is trying to bring deadly Beasts back from the Isle of Ghosts to Avantia. Only Tom and Elenna can stop him...

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ISBN: 9781408343210

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Okira the Crusher


Book 109

Dark Wizard Malvel has stolen the Amulet of Avantia and plans to attack the kingdom of Avantia with four new, deadly Ghost Beasts. If they don't retrieve the amulet, Tom and Elenna will be trapped on the Isle of Ghosts for ever! 

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ISBN: 9781408343234

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Rykar the Fire Hound


Book 110

If Dark Wizard Malvel captures Ghost Beast Rykar's key, he will be able to return to wreak havoc in Avantia, leaving Tom and Elenna trapped on the Isle of Ghosts. Can Tom hope to defeat both the Beast and his oldest enemy once and for all? 

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ISBN: 9781408343258

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